Barcelona: Accommodation

Centros de Estudios de Español - Hotels and university residences


Barcelona has a myriad of different types of accommodation and a wide range of public and private universities which host annually a large volume of our constantly increasing population and vistiors. For this reason the CEE frequently update information on all hotel establishments and residences . Our unbeatable location gives us the possiblity to be able to advise you on the wide variety of accommodation around our school  and to help you in your choice.
Prices vary depending on: the time of year you come to Barcelona ; the type of room you choose ; the meals you want to include in your reservation ; and its location within the city.

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Centros de Estudios de Español - Families


Would you rather spend your stay in the home of a host family?
It would include a single room just for you and the care and attention of each member of the family, that will make you feel at home at all times. You would live with them for the duration of your study in CEE,  this way outside of class you would be sharing different aspects of everyday Spanish life and its customs.
Centros de Estudios de Español - With the teacher


If you prefer to have an exclusive focus on your learning during the time you spend in Barcelona, ​​This is your choice. You will study Spanish with a designated tutor that will accompany you in your daily activities and give logistic support to you during your stay. Your teacher will not only teach you the Spanish language and culture during school hours, but will establish a close coexistence with you and your interests. Students who choose to benefit from this method with still benefit from the normal school activities and school support.
We will provide the best option so both you and the teacher can live an incredible life experience.
Centros de Estudios de Español - Apartment or shared flat


Would you like to live in your own apartment in Barcelona? The price per week ranges from 800 to 1,000 euros. If you go for this option, please get in touch and we will find you the best accommodation possible.
In Barcelona it is very common for young people to flat share. Our city attracts many university students and professionals from all over the world, so your flat mates will Spanish and/or international.
There are normally four people in each flat, and prices range from 400 to 550 euros per month. Please get in touch with us if this accommodation choice sounds interesting.