Centros de Estudios de Español - Methodology
At our school we provide face-to-face Spanish learning – oriented towards active, personal and situational learning, with small groups of students. This means that the student is always the centre of attention for our teachers, who all have many years' experience, vocation and a never-ending array of resources.
We put all our effort into motivating you and making sure you reach your learning goals, or improve your Spanish. During 35 years we've proven that the success of our students is a result of their receptive attitude and our teachers' work and dedication. This is why we present you with 10 suggestions to facilitate your studies and ensure you'll speak fluently:


1. Set clear goals: make sure your goals are reasonable considering the time you have available.

2. Enjoy learning: at CEE we create ideal conditions for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

3. Convince yourself: we can all learn Spanish, it's a matter of determination.

4. Speak from the first day, don't be shy, it doesn't matter if you make mistakes, you're here to learn. You'll see how your Spanish will get better and better if you use the new vocabulary and structures you've learnt.

5. Learn from your own and other people's mistakes: see the errors, correct them and try not to make them again.

6. Prepare and organise your classes beforehand: read and go through your notes and ask your teacher if you have any doubts.

7. Find additional sources for your learning: Spanish films, local newspapers, Spanish music, web pages, video games...

8. Do your homework: they play an educational role and will help you consolidate what you've learnt.

9. Don't get discouraged: there will be moments when you'll feel like you're not moving forward; but you'll make it by applying yourself and with our help.

10. Use all the technological and educational resources at hand: got back to point 7 :) but above all use your imagination and memory to create your own associations to different concepts.